Michelle Branch’s Beauty Routine


With so much pressure to conform to the plastic, Barbie doll bodies that flash on our television and movie screens, Michelle Branch is one of the few young actresses and musicians to buck this perfect body ideal and not conform to what the media expects.

It has been reported that she doesn’t use wrinkle cream, hasn’t had botox and relies on her natural beauty. So many female celebrities are expected to have breast enlargement either by taking pills, applying creams or have surgery. I know that many young celebrities will choose a non-invasive alternative to surgery like Naturaful, a natural breast enlargement cream detailed at http://naturalbreastenlargementcream.net and used to increase breast size and make breasts fuller.  This is just one way that many celebrities are turning to something more natural, made from herbs and botanicals, instead of silicon implants.

Celebrities have some unusual beauty treatments.

Salma Hayek, for instance likes to put mayo and avocado in her hair as beauty treatments. She also uses coconut oil and then applies apple cider vinegar to achieve an extra shine. Hayek also reported to Glamour that she uses egg yolks in her hair. And to hide the stink? That’s where the lemon oil comes in. Bizarre, indeed.

Gwyneth Paltrow told Glamour that she enjoys oil pulling. This involves swishing coconut oil in the mouth to “pull” out bacteria and purify the body and mouth. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic technique hailed by many celebrities and natural doctors to increase oral health.

Another fan of oil pulling is Lauren Conrad, who uses the technique to whites teeth, improve gum health and draw toxins from the body.  It also freshens the breath. After swishing coconut oil for 20 minutes, she spits it out. Other fans of pulling with use an alternative oil like sesame oil.

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How Michelle Branch stays in shape



Life on road on tour can be rough on a musician. And Michelle Branch is no stranger to this. Performing in front of thousands of people requires a lot of energy and Branch gets a big boost from her muscle-building workout.

Branch isn’t hardly a bodybuilder, but she has a gym routine that she sticks to in order to ensure she can be her best in front of her fans and give them a concert to remember.

She doesn’t mind working up a sweat and engages in cardio and muscle building exercises. This type of workout is great for building muscular endurance, stamina and staying lean. Branch prefers to just hit the gym regularly and back it up with a healthy diet.

Michelle made a guest appearance on Celebrity Sweat, where she admitted to her love of hockey, especially the Redwings. She also demonstrated performing side kicks from her workout routine. This show provides some fun workouts with celebrities that you can follow along with and check out their exercise routine. Other celebrities prefer bulking up with all natural steroids, as you can see on the website www.d-balmaxreview.com/d-bal-max-review, where a bodybuilder breaks down some more natural methods of getting ripped and lean. For now, you can see more in the video linked below!




3 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Branch


Michelle Branch is barely over 30, but she already has a well-versed career, complete with two top-selling albums. Her album The Spirit Room was certified double platinum and her hit single “Everywhere” climbed to number four on the charts after she appeared on MTVs Total Request Live. A staple of the early 2000s, Michelle Branch also played several guest roles in TV and movies. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Michelle Branch:

  1. After posting two of her songs on Rolling Stones website in 1999, she caught the attention of an LA Record Producer and the band Hanson. This eventually led to two gigs opening for the band.
  2. She played guest roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and American Dreams. According to her co-stars, slaying vampires is hard work and some of her team looked for something natural to boost their muscles. I learned about this in the review written on Jason Magnum’s d-balreviews.com/does-d-bal-work.
  3. Michelle Branch was briefly part of a band called The Wreckers, which was founded by she and her backup singer Jessica Harp. The project was a blend of pop rock and country music and lasted from 2005 to 2007. The first single was the album, which was delayed due to Branch’s pregnancy, was called “Leave the Pieces.”